Bathroom Remodeling | St. Louis Park Minnesota

This customer in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota gave Wuensch Construction in Excelsior, Minnesota a call to bring their existing 1950’s bathroom to the 21st century. Wuensch Construction came up with a design that makes the existing foot print of the bathroom look bigger without increasing the size of the room. Wuensch Construction did this by removing the wing walls in front of the existing shower and removing the dropped soffits over the existing shower and tub. Wuensch Construction also installed a frame less glass shower enclosure making the illusion of a deeper shower. Wuensch Construction also made the closet more users friendly by installing a standard door instead of an opening and arranging the new shelving so you could reach to the back of the shelves to retrieve items. Wuensch Construction also replaced the entire existing tile with the latest trending new tile.
The Customer was very happy with the results of the finish product.
!Take a look and see what you think!


Jeff Wuensch

Bathroom Remodeling | Chaska Minnesota

A customer in Chaska, Minnesota called Wuensch Construction to update their existing master bedroom shower. They had existing dated gold shower enclosure and fixtures. They were slowly updating the rest of their master bathroom on their own and figured they need a professional to design their shower. Wuensch Construction came up with a design that wouldn’t need a total bathroom remodel and would work with their existing marble floor and existing granite vanity top.
As you can see they were very happy with the results!

Jeff Wuensch

Kitchen Remodeling | Excelsior, MN | Wuensch Construction

This customer on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior, Minnesota call Wuensch Construction thinking they had to totally remodel their existing kitchen. After meeting with them we decided they only had to bring their kitchen and other details in their house up to date. We started with the existing flush panel hollow core doors in the hallway and installed solid core 6 panel oak doors. On the existing oak parqake flooring we covered with a dark vinyl wood grain flooring to contrast with the white cabinets. We put a fresh coat of paint on the existing cabinets and installed new Granite counter tops. We install new stainless under mount sink and touch faucet with new stainless steel appliances.

!Take look at the before and after pictures!

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

Another job Wuensch Construction exceeded the customers expectations.

Jeff Wuensch

Tips To Get Your House Ready For Winter | Wuensch Construction

Get Your House Ready For Winter

Get Your House Ready For Winter

That time of year in Minnesota is right around the corner again and here are some tips from Wuensch Construction base out of Excelsior Minnesota to get your house ready for the winter.

Check for Air Leaks

  1. Check around doors, windows, pipes, vents for leaks and drafts that let heat escape. Seal them up with caulking and weather-stripping.
  2. If your windows and doors leak really bad, consider replacing them with newer ones that are more efficient.
  3. Check your attic for holes that penetrate your ceiling like plumbing stacks, wiring runs that would let heat escape around them. Seal them up with can foam insulation.
  4. If you have masonry fireplace not in use, do not forget to close the damper.

Check Your Insulation

  1. Check your attic for adequate insulation and ventilation, if needed this can be the most cost-efficient way to cut home heating costs. If this problem is not resolved it could cause ice dams and do damage to interior walls and ceilings.
  2. Do not forget to check for attic ceiling penetrations.
  3. Weather strip and insulate your attic hatch or door to prevent heat lost escaping into your attic.

Check Your Furnace

  1. Have your furnace tuned up by a professional in the fall of the year to ensure it is in top working condition for the winter.
  2. If your furnace is old pre-1977, consider replacing it with a new 97 percent high-efficient furnace. This could cut your natural gas use nearly in half.
  3. Replace your heating air filter monthly this will make your furnace work less, use less energy, and run more efficient.
  4. If you still have an old dial thermostat consider replacing it with a new programmable thermostat. This could cut your heating bills from 20 percent.

Check Your Hot Water Heater

  1. If your hot water heater is older than 10 years consider replacing it with a new high efficient hot water heater. This will cut your heat costs.
  2. Turn your water heater down to about 120 degrees in the winter, this will feel a lot warmer than in the summer and save you money.
  3. Insulate your hot water pipes this will keep your hot water warmer longer.

Check Your Dryer Vent

  1. Clean out your dryer vent, this will make your dryer more efficient and save you money.

Check You’re Outside Waterspouts

1.   Unless your outside waterspouts are frost proof, make sure you drain them before       winter.


Jeff Wuensch

Bathroom Remodeling | Apple Valley Minnesota | Wuensch Construction

This customer in Apple Valley, Minnesota called Wuensch Construction in Excelsior Minnesota because his shower was leaking into his kitchen below. The customer decided after meeting with Wuensch Construction that his existing bathroom had to go. Wuensch Construction jumped into action and designed a new bathroom using the existing cabinets (keep costs down) that the customer fell in loved with, as you will see in the after pictures.


Before Picture Gallery:



After Picture Gallery:

Another Job Wuensch Construction Exceeded the Customer’s Expectations.

Jeff Wuensch

Versa Lift | Garage Remodeling | Wuensch Construction

Versa Lift, Eden Prairie, Garage Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, House Remodeling, Wuensch Construction

Versa Lift Attic Storage System
Click on the Picture to see the video!

This client in Eden Prairie, Minnesota called Wuensch Construction based out of Excelsior, Minnesota which they specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, house remodeling and garage remodeling. The client wanted to have some kind of electric attic storage lift system supplied and installed in their existing garage. Wuensch Construction chooses Versa Lift Storage System, because we have installed this system with other clients in the past. Our client in Eden Prairie already had a ladder system to their storage area but found it very difficult to handle big boxes and other stuff up the ladder.

Click on the picture above and see how Wuensch Construction resolved their problem.

Wuensch Construction produced this video for DIY homeowners to help them with the installation if they choose to do so.

Mound Minnesota | Egress Window | Wuensch Construction

 remodeling in excelsior, minnesota

Time Lapse Video – Egress window installation in Mound Minnesota

Owner of this home in Mound, Minnesota wanted to remodel existing basement room to bring in natural light and make the new fire escape window (egress). Wuensch Construction re-graded the front yard and cut the existing block wall to accommodate the new window. Top photo is a time-lapse video of the cutting through of existing block wall, take a look!

bathroom remodeling, remodeling excelsior,

Outside finished egress window.

kitchen remodeling idea's, bathroom remodeling idea's

Grading for the new egress window.

Remodeling Idea's, House renovation in excelsior, minnesota

Install drain tile for the new egress window.

remodeling excelsior, minnesota, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling

Finished Egress Window

Farewell Party for Linda Murrel In Excelsior

 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, Wuensch Construction, Jeff Wuensch, Excelsior, MN.

Linda Murrel Farewell Party at Jake O’Conners with Owner of Wuensch Construction – Jeff Wuensch in Excelsior, MN.

Jeff Wuensch of Wuensch Construction a remodeling company and a member of the South Lake Excelsior Chamber of Commerce were at a farewell party last night at Jake O’Conner’s for Linda Murrel, the former Executive Director of the South Lake Excelsior Chamber of Commerce. The new Director Laura Hotvet was there with chamber members, board members and many friends to send her off.

Here are a few pictures to share with you from the Party.

Kitchen Remodeling Designs, Bathroom Remodeling Designs,Additions,

Beacon Bank Group out of Excelsior, Mn. -Bob Weiss, Jean Weiss, Dave Peterka, Barb Peterka, Maryellen Morley

Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Excelsior Remodeler

Chamber Board Members, Chad Babcock, Aaron Thompson, Jamie Veitch and Linda Murrel

Remodeler in Chassen, Reodeler in Minnetonka

Linda Murrel | Laura Hotvet

We wish Linda Murrel from Wuensch Construction, “Great Success” on her new endeavor.

Bathroom Shower Transformation in Shakopee

Wuensch Construction does full bathroom remodel designs and partial bathroom remodel designs.

This is a Before photo of an existing shower in Shakopee that the home owners wanted to update and wanted to make it feel bigger than it really was. When they contacted Wuensch Construction based out of Excelsior, Minnesota we were up to the challenge.  Look at the transformation after photo with the description on how we achieved this.

Before Photo

Before Photo

Transformation After Photo

Wuensch Construction designed a new shower to look updated and also have an open, bigger feel while showering. We updated this by incorporating subway tile and a glass accent border in the wall design with octagon mosaic floor tile design. We incorporated new facets with an overhead rain head. We made in look bigger and brought in natural light by incorporating a frameless clear glass shower enclosure into the design of the shower.

Transformation After Photo

Transformation After Photo

Subway wall tile to the ceiling with glass & stone border.

Subway wall tile to the ceiling with glass & stone border.

Octagon mosaic floor tile.

Octagon mosaic floor tile.

Today November 26th is ICA Day at Maynards in Excelsior

Wuensch Construction is base out of Excelsior, Minnesota and when there is local business events in Excelsior we like to post them to let everybody know.

Today is ICA Day at Maynard’s!!!!

Maynards Resturant in Excelsior Minnesota

Maynards Resturant in Excelsior Minnesota

If you’re hungry, go spend $$.

100% of the proceeds will go to ICA FoodShelf.

Thanks to Maynard’s for their generous spirit!!!