Mound Minnesota | Egress Window | Wuensch Construction

 remodeling in excelsior, minnesota

Time Lapse Video – Egress window installation in Mound Minnesota

Owner of this home in Mound, Minnesota wanted to remodel existing basement room to bring in natural light and make the new fire escape window (egress). Wuensch Construction re-graded the front yard and cut the existing block wall to accommodate the new window. Top photo is a time-lapse video of the cutting through of existing block wall, take a look!

bathroom remodeling, remodeling excelsior,

Outside finished egress window.

kitchen remodeling idea's, bathroom remodeling idea's

Grading for the new egress window.

Remodeling Idea's, House renovation in excelsior, minnesota

Install drain tile for the new egress window.

remodeling excelsior, minnesota, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling

Finished Egress Window

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